Spreading the Positive Energy of Youth and Working Together to Fight COVID-19-- SPSIR in Action

The Spring Festival of 2020 was supposed to be a warm reunion time of thousands of families, but the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic made things different. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council attached great importance to the prevention and control of the coronavirus, and people of all ethnic groups across the country worked together to combat COVID-19. At present, the battle has come to a critical period. All students at the School of Political Science & International Relations (SPSIR) are carefully implementing the important instructions by General Secretary Xi Jinping on curbing the spread of the virus. SPSIR has carried out a series of unique online branch activities to contribute the power of youth to resolutely winning the battle against COVID-19.

Party members fulfilling their mission in the battle against COVID-19

During an inspection tour, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that “We must use the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control to test and expand the achievements of the education campaign on the theme of ‘staying true to our original aspiration and founding mission’, and give play to the political leading role of grassroots Party organizations and the exemplary and vanguard role of Party members.” To this end, the Party branches of SPSIR have given full play to the role of the Party organizations as a stronghold to actively mobilize all student Party members to launch online life meetings, further strengthen Party members’ sense of responsibility and mission, effectively enhance their awareness of epidemic control, urge them to set an example and take the lead in complying with national and local regulations on epidemic prevention; at the same time, the student Party members have used their wisdom to guide and educate people around them to do a good job in epidemic prevention and strictly observe relevant regulations, effectively building up a line of defense against the virus in the university Party branches.

The first and third postgraduate Party branches of SPSIR conducted an online campaign to spread epidemic prevention knowledge and requirements. Members of the Party branches have given full play to their subjective initiative and creativity to express their gratitude and support to the frontline workers in Wuhan through hand-drawing, text and photos. Active applicants for Party membership also submitted their special thinking reports. Party members in the epicenter of Hubei wrote quarantine diaries to share the real life in the affected areas, and show the care and encouragement from the University and the School. They felt so lucky and happy to be a member of the big warm family of SPSIR. In particular, Comrade Yu Yanfang played an exemplary role to join the local volunteer team of Party members, trying to contribute a part to the victory over the virus in her hometown. In this special period, let us unite as one to overcome the pandemic as soon as possible.

All Party members and the (active) applicants for Party membership of the second postgraduate Party branch told touching stories about frontline medical staff, grassroots cadres, police officers, community workers and volunteers with warm and firm voices, hoping to pay tribute to every admirable ordinary person who has made contributions. They bravely joined the battle in the form of recitation to make the voice of Wuhan and Hubei heard! They tried their best to spread positive energy with practical actions to express their firm confidence in winning the victory over this extraordinary battle and fulfill the responsibilities and mission of student Party members at SPSIR.

League members joining hands to fight COVID-19

In this special winter vacation, the Communist Youth League members at SPSIR launched online League branch activities to show their patriotism in their own way. As a part of SPSIR, they delivered their warmth and love to the frontline workers and to the whole society, contributing to the battle against the pandemic.

Best wishes can be expressed in poems. After the outbreak of COVID-19, talented students at SPSIR wrote some simplest yet most touching poems to pay tribute to the frontline soldiers and add positive energy to the victory over the battle! They were cheering for Wuhan and cheering for China!

 There are heartwarming stories around you and me. The Spring Festival of 2020 was special because people across the country were fighting against the pandemic. The grassroots cadres and staff had to give up family reunion and dedicated themselves to the work at the front line. Our students told the epidemic prevention stories around them to praise the heroes who warmed this winter with love. The festive atmosphere of this Spring Festival may be spoiled by the sudden outbreak of pandemic, but we were able to feel a strong, loving family atmosphere that was rarely experienced before. As an ordinary citizen, our greatest support for the fight against the virus is to stay at home! Some undergraduate students of class of 2017 made videos to share their fun during the stay at home.