The Opening Ceremony of Fall 2020 grandly held

On the afternoon of September 20, 2020, the Opening Ceremony of Fall 2020 of the School of Political Science & International Relations (SPSIR) of Tongji University was grandly held in Auditorium 129. Men Honghua, Tongji Distinguished Professor and Dean of SPSIR, delivered a speech. Professor Xu Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee of SPSIR, Associate Dean Professor Zheng Chunrong, Associate Dean Associate Professor Zhong Zhenming, and other leaders and teachers of SPSIR were present at the ceremony, which was moderated by Song Bo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SPSIR. All students of SPSIR participated in the ceremony.

Men Honghua, Tongji Distinguished Professor, Dean of the School of Political Science & International Relations of Tongji University, addressed the opening ceremony

In his speech, Dean Men, on behalf of the Party and executive teams, teachers and students of the School, welcomed the new students to join the School, and the senior students to return to the School after the pandemic. As indicated by the dean, we are now in the 'three centenaries' period when the profound changes unseen in the past century coincide with “the two centenary goals”, and the changes of the times are giving birth to the strategic opportunities for us to shape the development of political science discipline, social sciences and the School. Then he introduced the milestones of the School in recent years. In January 2018, the School was approved to set up a primary discipline authorized to offer doctoral degree program in political science. In July 2018, the School was approved to set up its Base for Research on International Cyberspace Governance by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) & the Ministry of Education (MOE). In September 2019, the School was approved to set up the primary discipline postdoctoral research station in political science. The School has successfully achieved its goal of 'standing up' in its own development and begun to stride forward to a new era of 'becoming stronger'. Dean Men summarized the orientation of the School as follows: firstly, it is an active and confident standard-bearer and leader in liberal arts of Tongji University; secondly, it is an outstanding representative in political science and international relations in Shanghai; thirdly, it is a backbone force respected by peer colleges or schools of political science in China. Dean Men expressed the following expectations for the students in the new era. First,follow the principles of studying the nature of things and keeping faithful, and be committed to self-improvement, teamwork and contribution to the society and world. Second, keep calm and broaden the horizon in a world of great uncertainty, adhere to the cognitive path of understanding the past, living in the present and looking into the future, temper strategic thinking of never being distracted by temporary problems and build an international vision and a strategic sense of foresight. Finally, Dean Men wished them to become a trailblazer and contributor in their new journey here in the new era and embrace a wonderful life.

Assistant Professor Liu Xiaoyang, a teacher at the Department of Diplomacy and in charge of undergraduates of class 2019, delivered a speech on behalf of the faculty. Liu shared the rules of happiness with everyone: the first is to love others, represented by giving and understanding; the second is to shoulder the responsibilities, and make unremitting efforts to hold yourself to the same standards the elites hold themselves to; the third is to keep learning, and accumulate knowledge and experience through learning, so as to be able to express the love in the best way. He pointed out that learning is not only for the purpose of getting to know more, but also getting to follow blindly less, namely, to enable ourselves to guide the opinions and behaviors with simple and firm beliefs. As the saying goes, above us is the vast universe yet to explore, and below is the changing world to observe; this is just the power of simplicity. Finally, he quoted the classics and expected the students to achieve a life of excellence in the excellent school here.

Assistant Professor Liu Xiaoyang delivered a speech on behalf of the faculty

During the session of speeches by the representatives of newcomers, Cheng Feng, a doctoral candidate of 2020, shared his experiences and insights. From graduation to the start of his study in the new university, he has learned to say goodbye and to grow. He knew he had to be firm and steady to move forward in the next chapter of life. He believed that it is the original aspiration of the Chinese scholars and also the due ambition of every student here to help the common people of the world, improve the people’s livelihood of the country, and dedicate all their talents to the country and society, and to live up to their ideals and beliefs and spend their youth in the life of the common people.

Deng Haiyun, a postgraduate student of 2020, came to SPSIR with awe and ideal for learning. She held the opinion that unlike the key task in the phase of undergraduate, namely, knowledge and cultural accumulation, the graduate period requires more innovation and practice. She thought that academic career would not be that easy, but filled with setbacks. She believed that everyone should adjust their own mentality, make a good life planning, and steadily move towards their goals. As the saying goes, “The strong pass of the enemy is like a wall of iron, yet with firm strides, we are conquering its summit”, she called on everyone to not only take responsibility for their own life, but also shoulder their social responsibilities, embrace the responsibility with passion, and become a responsible and ambitious SPSIRer.

Jiang Yun, an undergraduate student of 2019 in sociology, shared some of her thoughts during her study here over the past year. First of all, students should put learning first with a practical attitude; in face of the emergence of profound and turbulent changes unseen in a century, SPSIRers should keep exploring truth in an endless effort, pursue far-reaching progress, develop strong skills, devote themselves to the great cause of strengthening the country, and become the practitioners connecting China with the rest of the world. Secondly, they should value the present moment, feel grateful for the company of others, the care of parents and the support of friends. Finally, they should compare with themselves, and neither be proud nor belittle themselves; they should find the most suitable time zone for themselves as everyone has his own pace in his own time zone; they should be positive, enterprising and ambitious, and live up to not only they own efforts, but also the teacher's inculcation.

Yu Tiantian, a postgraduate student of 2018 in Chinese and Foreign Political Systems, shared her story. In her opinion, SPSIRers should be a group of young people steadfast in their work and assume their responsibilities initiatively; work hard on a global vision and improve their political position, develop strong skills and lofty ideals, keep their original aspiration and serve the motherland, and engage in academic research with a steady footing on the motherland. She believed that university is a place for learning, and that learning is a process of acquiring wisdom and enlightenment which requires continuous thinking, as every bit of persistence will add up to a powerful force. She also encouraged her fellow students to ignite themselves in this best era to release their vitality, to experience and challenge, and to become a better, different individual.

Cheng Feng, a doctoral candidate of 2020, delivered a speech

Deng Haiyun, a postgraduate student of 2020, delivered a speech

Jiang Yun, an undergraduate student of 2019, delivered a speech

Yu Tiantian, a postgraduate student of 2018, delivered a speech

The ceremony was also accompanied by wonderful performances. Ou Huaxuan, Feng Junpeng and Zhu Shuyang presented a beautiful ensemble of musical instruments, “Rosy Clouds Chasing the Moon”, featuring a harmony of piano, guqin and Chinese zither in a comfortable rhythm, offeringthe audience a seemingly immersive vision of the wide and boundless landscape. Next performance was a recitation of the poem 'Follow the Light to the Future'. Through the performers’ sonorous words and determined look,we can feel their wish and yearning for the future. They are committed to contributing to the society with what they have learnt from the School. The chorus 'Looking up to the Starry Sky' by the teachers and students reflected their dreams for an idealistic future and aspiration for their own starry sky with a down-to-earth attitude. The last play was the recitation of an original poem “Fighting against COVID-19 Together”. Just as the poem said at the end, “Fearless to any hardship or suffering, we are always full of confidence and strength; with our blood hot as fire and our heart filled with enthusiasm, we will eventually become the backbone of the nation', the students have developed a more attic faith and steadfast sense of responsibility amid the pandemic.

Ensemble “Rosy Clouds Chasing the Moon

Poem recitation 'Follow the Light to the Future'

Chorus 'Looking up to the Starry Sky'

Poem recitation “Fighting against COVID-19 Together

Leaders presented the SPSIR emblem to student representatives

Group Photo

Group Photo

At the end of the ceremony, the leaders presented the SPSIR emblem to the student representatives. Finally, all teachers and students sang the alma mater 'The Song of Tongji '.

After the opening ceremony, the teachers and students took group photos in Auditorium 129.